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On Hierarchy and Divisions. a.k.a. The Big People and The small People

What’s all this about now? Well, if this is what you’re hearing in your mind after reading the title – this is a little post about a discussion which has been going on in my mind for a very long time, just that it never got out. It’s about the fact that more often than not, certain people in the church are treated differently from the rest of God’s flock. These often happen to be the leaders… No, nothing against the leaders as such – being a leader is as biblical as it gets, and I also believe it’s a special gift from God. However, I don’t agree with the fact that these people tend to be treated differently. What I mean is to ask Why are leaders/other people “in charge” often treated in much better ways (eg. with more attention given to them, more benefits, as well as special dinners/lunches/etc., etc.) than the rest of God’s people? read more