Am I a Double Faced Christian?

It has been a while since my last article on the theme of true or vintage Christianity. This one will be a bit more different than the previous, yet the focus is the same.

What do I mean by double faced? In brief – the fact that among Christians I behave in one way and then among non-Christians in another. That was too simple… I don’t want to be misunderstood. I’m not talking about details, certain use of language, etc. I’m talking about a general attitude.

How do I behave among Christians… Well, I’ve noticed that I’m more critical, I expect more… often you would say I’m not as welcoming as I ought to be. I realize that often it’s also harder for me to truly love Christians (compared to non-Christians).

Then among non-Christians I catch myself to be much more lively, much more welcoming, certainly show more understanding… It’s just much much easier for me to express and show love for those people – whether they like me or not.

Recently I was reminded several times of the attitude of many of the religious leaders during Jesus’ time – they simply said despised those who did not profess a belief in God. My case is close to being the exact opposite of that. I’m saying close because I don’t think I’m that far to the extreme they had reached. The issue is alarming to me also because I’ve heard a number of people share with me that they feel in a very similar way.

I wondered and I pondered… Clearly there is no simple answer. However, several things which became more obvious, and I think have to do with the problem, are these:

Am I a double faced Christian? – Often, yes. Do I want to be? – Not at all. How do I change my current behavior and way of thinking? – Not quite sure yet… But this list is a good point for me to begin working from. What is your case?