Am I a Double Faced Christian?

It has been a while since my last article on the theme of true or vintage Christianity. This one will be a bit more different than the previous, yet the focus is the same.

What do I mean by double faced? In brief – the fact that among Christians I behave in one way and then among non-Christians in another. That was too simple… I don’t want to be misunderstood. I’m not talking about details, certain use of language, etc. I’m talking about a general attitude.

How do I behave among Christians… Well, I’ve noticed that I’m more critical, I expect more… often you would say I’m not as welcoming as I ought to be. I realize that often it’s also harder for me to truly love Christians (compared to non-Christians).

Then among non-Christians I catch myself to be much more lively, much more welcoming, certainly show more understanding… It’s just much much easier for me to express and show love for those people – whether they like me or not.

Recently I was reminded several times of the attitude of many of the religious leaders during Jesus’ time – they simply said despised those who did not profess a belief in God. My case is close to being the exact opposite of that. I’m saying close because I don’t think I’m that far to the extreme they had reached. The issue is alarming to me also because I’ve heard a number of people share with me that they feel in a very similar way.

I wondered and I pondered… Clearly there is no simple answer. However, several things which became more obvious, and I think have to do with the problem, are these:

Am I a double faced Christian? – Often, yes. Do I want to be? – Not at all. How do I change my current behavior and way of thinking? – Not quite sure yet… But this list is a good point for me to begin working from. What is your case?

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 Discussion (2)

barbara morris

You are right on dear friend! How your article has convicted me this day as I think about the ministry of the last few weeks and the many flaws I have seen in myself and other Christians! You are right….it is easier to love non-Christians…….maybe it’s because they are ignorant of what we should be at all times in Christ Jesus. He is and should be our focus no matter who we are relating to! I must be vigilant in my focus on Him……His Word….His Ways….His Commandments…..His Love and His Grace. If my eyes are focused upon the Lord….His character will lead me to love all people….and be His channel of the rhythm of grace at all times! Let us pray to “not be double faced Christians,” but to be single minded with the Mind of Christ and seek His Holy Spirit to keep us so focused! In His Amazing love I am……Barbara, child of God, saved by the grace of Christ!

Petar Neychev

Thank you, Barbara, for reminding me and whoever else is reading this of the importance of Jesus as what we ought to be focused on at all times. :) And yes, it is very true that once we’re there it’s so much easier to let Him guide us in our relationships. We have to keep working on staying with our focus on Jesus.

Love and many greetings!