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My Grace is Sufficient for You

Daily each of us turns to a friend, someone else we know, relative, colleague… and often to someone on the street with a request of some sort. Daily we have so many requests towards the people around us that it is very difficult to keep our requests to God unaffected by this. Naturally, and frankly quite unnoticed our attitude in prayer to God begins to resemble our attitude towards the people whom we ask for a favor, help, or to simply bring us a glass of water. Turning to the people, however, we almost always expect our request to be answered in the particular way we requested it. Such an attitude towards God, on the other hand, would lead even the most hopeful and believing Christian to big disappointments. God isn’t some sort of a wish-delivering machine. Moreover, He would often answer our requests in quite unexpected ways. Let us learn to hear, see and accept God’s answer, for it is always the best we can get!

Apostle Paul has undoubtedly learned the same lesson… and just as we are learning it – not painlessly. It is known that he suffered a lot due to some kind of a health problem. A problem for which we can read more in 2 Corinthians 12. Let us turn our attention to verses 8 and 9:

“Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me” (NIV). read more

Selective Christianity

Selection is in the heart of consumerism. Selection is what drives you as you browse the grocery store. Selection is what “helps” you have what you want. Selection is behind the relationship you have with your partner. Does that mean you’re a selective Christian? Well, it could… One thing is certain, though – being surrounded by so much “selection moments” can surely make you one. The more you exercise your selection abilities, the more you’ll think that you are always in the position and authority to select.

How is selection being practiced by Christians? It’s quite simple to answer actually – just pay attention to it as you go in your everyday life. The first thing which comes to mind is (sadly enough!) God’s very Word. We (me including) all have what we call “favorite verses”, favorite books, favorite characters. But what about the rest? Does our narrow focus mean that we don’t consider the rest of the Bible as important, as valid, as applicable… as directed to us? Yes, yes, yes!!! That’s exactly what it means. I know this will challenge you a bit, but answer to me, please, why then do you not study all parts of the Bible equally and apply them so? A bit too many Christians rather learn the “give me” and “bless me” verses, than the “I will do” or “I will be” ones. read more

Lost Lives. Saved Lives.

This post has been strongly affected by’s 30 Days to Live series, which you can watch at this address: SermonID=115&CategoryID=8 I suggest that you take the time to watch those 4 sermons (~30min. each). The basic thought behind the whole series is something like this: Life on earth is just a brief moment. Live your life with God as if you had 30 more days to live. It’s quite an awakening thought as to what is actually important in life. Even more so are the interviews with several people for whom the doctors say have a very limited time with us, as well as some others who have barely made it alive through cancer and other life threatening diseases.

The thought of lost lives has been on my mind for quite some time, but these sermons helped it develop much deeper. Have you ever thought about the lives of people you read about in the news? Where will they end up? Take it a step further – as God’s sent one does it impact you at all? read more